A kafunda is just that; a small enclosure. This enclosure has evolved over the years to act as a watering hole.  A place where people of common interests but not necessarily the same points of view convene to enjoy drink and camaraderie. Now unlike the fancy bars that most of you are accustomed to, you … Continue reading STAY IN THE GAME


A couple of weeks ago I met with a learned friend of mine along with a few other people at his residence. Together, we broke bread and toasted to life over a bottle of Single Malt from the Scottish Highlands, as we took in the breath taking night skies of Kampala from one of the … Continue reading SPEAK OUT


As a child, my parents through various efforts did their best to make sure we were well rounded children. It was a harrowing experience to a greater extent and a rather disconcerting one to the lesser extent. This involved making sure we were well behaved and decent enough to take out in public without embarrassing … Continue reading DRAW YOUR DREAM