It’s been a while since i said…

2 years! A lot can happen in 2 years. Lives begin and some end. Dreams are dreamt, some come true, others lay waste in lala land. Some people buy new cars whilst others choose, against all reason and sanity, to hold onto the toy misguidedly labeled as a Vitz. Sadly...or not, nothing has happened here … Continue reading It’s been a while since i said…


It was one of those days that renewed your faith in the existence of a being greater than man, a deity supreme over beast, bird and sea. Having been in the midst of many dominant people over the past 50 years, I could not be faulted for being so skeptic, an atheist if you may … Continue reading AS THE SUN SETS ON LOVE


There’s something about Sundays. Things move slower but better, the birds sing a new song, the clouds make way for the sun to show off its glory and even the odd Vitz on the road looks less like a potty on wheels. Perhaps it’s down to the fact that God is well rested after Sabbath … Continue reading STIR IT UP


A debt is a promise; perhaps the more apt way of putting the ancient adage. And a promise is an irrevocable commitment to do something. The reason why debts are taken (or rather should be taken) with the magnanimity of a divine covenant is because like a promise, the dispensation is given with infallibility in … Continue reading DEBT TO SELF


Growing up, my mother (rest her soul) was a firm believer in alternative medicine. Preventively and also as a cure. It was only when nature had failed, that she succumbed to the authority of Hyppocrates and those that swore by his oath; doctors and their chemical concoctions, erstwhile known as medicine…well to me at that … Continue reading BITTER SWEET