A debt is a promise; perhaps the more apt way of putting the ancient adage. And a promise is an irrevocable commitment to do something. The reason why debts are taken (or rather should be taken) with the magnanimity of a divine covenant is because like a promise, the dispensation is given with infallibility in the ability of the recipient to honour it.  This should impose upon the bearer of debt, a burden not only to the creditor, but to self as well. A burden to defend one’s word which in all essence is a defence of one’s honour too.

We carry many debts with us, the least of which is financial and the greatest of which is to be true to ourselves and our purpose in life.

It is my prayer that on this dark and chilly Monday evening (UMEME being responsible for the former in Naalya and surrounding areas) that the debt of purpose burdens you to its realisation.

It is my wish that for myself and for you as well, the promise to be true to our calling is one that we shall keep.

For we are forever indebted to ourselves, if this we do not do.

3 thoughts on “DEBT TO SELF

    1. I think discovering your purpose is a continuous journey as we try to better ourselves each day in every way possible and the beauty of it all lies not in the final destination but the journey itself . Wish you a beautiful journey Ri.


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