Every so often, I drag myself out of bed, eyes hazy, head heavy (literally and figuratively), my body afflicted by the previous evening and the nocturnal activities that ensued in a bar or church nearby (as season dictates). My mission; to go for a quick run through the neighbourhood. The reality; more of a brisk walk round the corner and back, but then again, not everyone is a David Kipsiro or a Daniel Wanjiru.

When I finally get done with the rituals and make my way onto the road, the rubber of the soles of my feet hitting the asphalt (but mostly marram) of the roads in my neighbourhood, it’s always amazing just how refreshing it is. Early morning runs are particularly energizing; the air is seemingly fresher, it’s generally quieter and void of the hustle and bustle that comes with the awakening of the rest of the world. The wind brushes past your face as if to cheer you on towards your goal and even the cocks crow in support of this my noble undertaking to fight my belly fat and perhaps live long enough to see my grandkids.

It’s also encouraging also to know that I am not the only one on this here pursuit of greatness as I will occasionally come across another runner on the trail, possibly with similar ambitions (I always pick up my pace when I see someone running towards me just so that they can take me seriously). As we go past each other, there is always an exchange of a subtle but very visible nod, a covert mark of acknowledgement from one member of the revolution to another as if to say “Keep going! Those 6 packs are at the end of the road! Aluta Continua!” But the moment i am out of their sight, it is back to my leisurely stroll, safe from their judging eyes.

What really gets to me though is the physique of these “fellow” runners. Almost everybody I meet on the trail is lean and in tip top shape. Which begs the question; why are they running? Do they even have any fat left to burn in their bodies or perhaps they are now after slimming their bones as well. And the subsequent but also only other logical question; where are the less fit people that probably need this more?

The answer is simple; we are what we do. The old adage; The rich will get richer as the poorer get poorer, is testament to this too. The swift lean runners that breeze past me on the jogging trail are only that way because they have kept at this practice. They have maintained a discipline that has gotten them the results they now display. They know what it takes and religiously set new goals to hit new peaks. They are a result of their positive actions.

The less fit on the other hand, will also continue doing what they are doing; slacking more, and then perhaps a little more.

Transpose this to any situation in your life and the results will be the same. Study consistently for that exam. Push harder for that business opportunity. Commit to your aspirations.

You are a result of your actions.


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