Decem-BAR is over! Three words that many of us hate to hear and probably did our best to keep at bay; drinking, eating and partying away. Memories were made and some banished to the recesses of our minds. Ties were severed and eternal bonds formed; the number of weddings in December were only surpassed by hangovers suffered by the victims of the same month. Also, for close to a week, the streets of Kampala were ruled by the annoyingly indomitable Vitz, with most of the real cars out of the city, traversing the rugged outback of the countryside and cruising highways, hitting speed limits Vitz drivers would only see if they placed their cars on weighing scales. (A Vitz weighs less than some adult humans)

That said, the new year is here and so are those much dreaded resolutions. I for one have never been a fan of them, but hey; to each his own. Why wait for the year to start just so you can make that change? What stops you from making daily, hourly or other momentary resolutions? Maybe, just maybe these would be much more palatable, less daunting and probably even more successful (it’s amazing just how many people give up on their insurmountable resolutions just a month into the year)

Sitting here, and taking stock of my December and perhaps my year, a lot has changed as should have. My weight and wallet for instance; but in directions inverse to what would otherwise be agreeable. So I will start my change here, reversing the upward movement of my weight and the downward movement of my bank balance.

Steady and sometimes slow (but not necessarily so) progress is more my thing and oh the wonder when you stop chasing the pounds, take care of the pennies and take account at the end of the year.

Also, I hope to turn 30 this year and my resolutions will not be any different. I will live each day being a better version of who I was the day before. I will take small steps to make those big changes I desire.

I hope you will too.



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