Sitting on the porch (balukony) at a friend’s place this past week, chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool and all, shooting some b-ball outside of the school…(sorry I was momentarily taken back to the days of the Fresh Prince of Bell Air; such a great TV show. Oh and obviously I do not play basketball. I did once before though; for a short period in Secondary School before everyone else on the team outgrew me and I was left with a severe vertical challenge that rendered me terribly uncompetitive)

So on the porch, a Scotch in hand (Christmas means I can indulge in the finer things, so my Guinness is on ice for now), a collection of bites before us, we enjoyed good banter among friends, catching up on each other’s lives, reminiscing on the year that has been devilishly fast and laying bare, our dreams and ambitions for the one before us. It was a great way to spend an evening away from what has become the manic excitement that is Christmas and the related influx of revelers to bars and clubs, spending the same money that they claim had eluded them all year, and setting into motion the dreaded cycle of impoverishment in the months to come…God help us all.

On DJ duty was the host, playing a host of tunes, new and old, adding to the warmth and festivity of the evening. The said host prides himself in his wide collection of music and his knack for sourcing the newest and best tracks….we didn’t always agree with his selection, but he had bought the booze and food. Our mouths were too full to complain, but also there was the latent fear of being thrown out the house if ever we did disagree with his selection.

As I listened to the music blaring out of a small but powerful portable speaker; a marvel of technology in my book (JBL makes some amazing and affordable sound equipment) I realized that whilst I didn’t like all the new music that was being played, when I liked a song, I knew it in the first 3 seconds of playtime and just the same for the songs I didn’t like. 3 seconds is all it took!

Music is a lot like life; a medley of instruments played in synch to produce a melody, sometimes laced with appropriate vocals belted out to deliver sound; many times beautiful and other times dreadful (but to each his own). And like the new songs I heard recently, you can always know when whatever life throws at you is a good fit or not. Problem is that like me on that day, we think we are forced to listen to every song on the playlist that is life, to take whatever life throws at us, when you can simply skip to the next best thing. And how do you know that it is the right one? You just know…those 3 seconds are what you need. Call it intuition, but you know. And when you know, you know…you know? It is always there to guide you. Just let it do its job. Let it guide your playlist and enjoy the dance to the tune that is life.

Oh….and have yourself a Very Merry Christmas. Spread good cheer to those around you, especially the less fortunate. If you see someone in a Vitz stuck in a pothole, help get them out. Make it a season to remember…for the right reason.

Feliz Navidad!

One thought on “HOW DO YOU KNOW?

  1. I like the idea that it takes 3 seconds to know what you like (need) or don’t (need) out of the stuff life throws at us. Here is to making prompt and wise decisions in this regard!

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