But before I have my freedom snatched away for inciting violence, this is not a politically motivated piece. I will not use my wall to speak about the inadequacies of our political system and even more, those that plague the people that run it. (Why would we spend 64 Bn to buy cars for MPs; a lot has been said about the significantly better options for spending this money, but no one has realized that it is enough to replace all the Vitzes on our roads, with real cars)

So I have a couple of friends who are bound by our love for each other, the love for food and I think to a greater extent, the love for those delicious adult drinks that in one way or another, create a semblance of happiness, albeit briefly, artificially and sometimes with regrettable consequences.

Every so often, especially when fortune smiles our way and our funds exceed our obligations, we shall commune to make merry, eat food and drink plenty. More than once, we have received crappy service and more than once I have complained; raising hell and pulling out the little hair I have on my head (refer to profile pic and see if you can find all remaining 25 strands)

Because of my behavior, I have been branded as quarrelsome. The Baganda among our group have labelled me as one who has kajanja….but maybe I do have it. Anywayyyyy

What brings me to this point where I morph from a rational happy go lucky reveler, to a raging beast, making demands, seeking explanations and asking all the difficult questions especially the famous “Do you know who I am?” (by the way no one knows who I am….yet)? Well it is because at that moment when I am in a bar, or restaurant, I am boss. I am a customer and I am king. I demand good service and I demand to have the power that is due my way. Is it too much to ask?

Clearly to many Ugandan service providers, it is indeed too much to ask. Why is this, I ask? Simple; you have given your power away to the corporations and the businessmen and the bar man who will bring you a warm Guinness without an apology and a cold meal because to him, food is food. You have abdicated your thrones as Kings, to take what they serve and not what you deserve. This means that we have bred a culture of “substandardness”. One where mediocrity is enough and excellence is a myth.

But imagine a Uganda where you never settled for less and walked away the moment you got anything less than you deserved? The waiters would be efficient lest they lose you to the restaurant next door. The telecoms would never thug your data lest you switched to a cheaper more reliable network and our sidewalks would be big enough for Vitzes to fit without crowding the roads meant for normal cars. Yes, this applies to politics too (I know I said I would not veer into politics, but one who ignores politics ignores his life.)

For the next 5 years, you must submit to the will of those who voted and the output of those in positions of responsibility. You relinquished your power the moment you stayed in and decided not to vote because the lines were too long, the sun too hot and the system too corrupt. So sit this one out my friend. But for everything else….TAKE BACK YOUR POWER


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