SIMPLICITY….why must it always be so hard to attain? A long time ago I was taught that the shortest distance between two points is a line, and yet admittedly to my fault and many a person out there too, I have lived a large part of my life going round in circles to get to my destination. People are under the self-imposed precepts (wrong ones at that) that the more complex something is, the greater its worth and the more admiration it will garner from the masses who may or may not give a damn about it.

The source of my rant is this; Recently a petroleum company launched a new brand of fuel EXCELLIUM…(but before I proceed, is this a derivative of a complex metallic element from that much dreaded periodic table that was forced down my throat as a pimply adolescent at a school on a majestic hill far far away?) anyway, yes, the fuel.

One wonders whether the complexity held in the name was meant to make the ever growing number of Vitz owners believe that once in their tanks, this fuel would magically transform the little engine that could, into an engine that actually can. Is it possible that the intention is to make the speed averse Vitz owners (why else would you buy a car that is considered fair game for entry into the annual MTN marathon if not for the fact that you hate driving above 10kph) run in droves to the petrol station for a chance to turn their humble cars into menacing creatures of optimum automotive performance? Anyway we shall soon know; anyone with a Vitz, please drive to the nearest Total and fuel up then let me know if your car now feels like a Salambwa aka Landcruiser V8.

I digress because of my love for Vitzes (sic) which one of my dear beloved sisters drives. J The point here is, will EXCELLIUM create memory structures in the minds of drivers? Will it be memorable enough to create a solid brand name and identity? Or will it be one of those things that simply falls into a category that adopted the market leader’s name (Colgate anyone?) I for one can imagine a taxi driver asking the pump attendant for Excellency….or for V-Power wa Total…because the name is simply not simple.

But as I said, simplicity is a difficult thing to achieve so I will not fault the horde of clever marketers and engineers in France that cracked this concept and shipped it down to our banana republic to power our adorable little Vitzes as they drive down our pothole ridden streets.

PS. Again I will say…I do not have anything against Vitz as a car or the people that drive them. I just think that boda bodas should not be disguised as cars.

PPS. I bet you do not even remember the not-so-simple name of the fuel….do you?

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