I go to the gym every so often, but clearly not as much as I ought to. Primarily it’s to keep fit or at least try to; health really is wealth and it is one of the proverbial glass balls that you must never juggle. Also, I choose to have one struggle in life; I cannot be both vertically and laterally challenged. My challenge shall be height and not weight. I shudder at the thought of looking like the mini me version of Dwayne Johnson.

Whilst at the gym, under instruction of the trainers (who I swear to God seemingly derive so much glee from my gloom), my fickle muscles are pushed to their limits and even the ones I had no idea existed, are suddenly resuscitated, possibly being used for the first time. I am suddenly out of my comfort zone and not by choice or design. Sweat and skin become one as the former forms a blanket over the latter. The pain is excruciating! My body and everything within me loathes the process. And then it ends, or so I think; but my body has been stretched beyond what was hitherto its form and nature. The muscle cramps that ensue are only slightly less agonizing than the drills that preceded them. But like a fool and his folly, I am back again and at it the next day; but alas, the pain is less, the endurance stronger, my body is taking shape, getting better, less sluggish and more nimble. I am better than my former self.

Before this starts to sound like one of those fitness articles with superficial looking models, let me reign this in real quick.

My gym sessions have taught me the value of pushing yourself; pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and beyond what you thought were your limits. How often do we sit back, look at what we are, who we are, what we have and think to ourselves; this is not a bad place to be, it’s actually comfortable? And how seldom do we challenge ourselves to go further, go harder, shout louder, reach further?

The body and brain are an amazing set of things. Pamper them and they will waste away. Stretch them and their malleability will extend the boundaries of your very existence. They will blaze the trail to peaks you previously thought unattainable. So why don’t you pick up a book and give that overactive gossip whastapp group a break? Why don’t you put your feet off the couch and onto a treadmill? Why don’t you meet new people with new opinions; opinions different from yours and possibly from the old, mundane chorus sung by your boys at the bar every Friday night as you imbibe some of that nice frothy stuff (someone get me a cold Guinness….after work) Why don’t you drop your mediocre reality and chase your dream? Why don’t you sell that Vitz and buy a new pair of shoes (the shoes will cost as much and in them you can run faster than the average vitz)

Why don’t you get uncomfortable?

One thought on “GET UNCOMFY

  1. I’m reading this while sitting on the couch watching the show “Love and Hip-Hop”. I realize a lot of women on this show have had plastic surgery and therefore set unrealistic expectactons for young women in the real world, making us wonder why should we even try if the bar is so high. Thanks for reminding us taking care of our bodies isn’t just for vanity reasons, but also helps keep our minds performing at 100%.

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