So everyone that knows me knows that I am not big on Sports…if it’s not a grand slam tournament or 20 odd superfast cars doing a couple of laps round a circuit, with the glitz and adrenaline that go with it, you will not catch me losing my head or indulging much emotion into sport.

That said however, I will always tune into and follow the bigger tournaments, especially so that I am not left out of prevailing conversations because I chose to be the proverbial ostrich with its head buried in the sand that is ignorant bliss. The World Cup and The Olympics fall into this quota of tournaments…and alas, It is 2016 and unless Besigye left you in prison when he was released, you must know that the world has stopped albeit briefly, to watch a few gallant sportsmen (and even more gallant sports women) make their countries proud and set a name for themselves in so doing.

Again, thank God that Tennis is included, so I had something to actively follow thanks to DSTV that has screened all events and you will find them beaming off a screen in a bar, at your home and occasionally in church; yes I see you people who watch event replays on your phones. But save for that, because of my profession (I sell happiness to adults in the form of delicious alcoholic beverages, but that’s another story) I will be looking out for advertisers and branding and attention to detail and event management and almost everything apart from the actual sports event.

Nevertheless, I have been forced to actually follow the proceedings and I must admit enjoying most of them, especially the lovely Swiss ladies volleyball team that fronted some very talented models. I also realized that all these events were being heralded by humans; humans like me and you. Humans that we iconize and glorify. Again…humans like you and me. They are not special, they just do special things and therein lies my major takeout and hopefully yours too….ordinary humans, doing extraordinary things.

These athletes if you were to put blade to flesh, bleed red like you and I, yet it is Usain Bolt and not Nsibirwa Robert doing the 100m dash. What makes the difference? Perhaps his vertical superiority over me allows him to take longer leaps? Or his island heritage fills his lungs with cleaner air than my dust infested lungs, a result of 29 years on the streets of Kampala? Or why is it that the behemoth of a man Georgia’s Lasha Talakhadze, can lift the weight of a car without flinching and yet Mbabazi from Kabale can barely lift a sack of potatoes? Is it because Lasha has access to richer more nutritious food and less ghee in his diet?

The answer to both these questions is no! They are both ordinary beings like Nsibirwa and Mbabazi….but at one point in their lives, they made that decision to get the LITTLE talent they had and add a bunch of hard work and effort. The amount of effort that if applied by most people I know, would kill them just at the thought of it. We see the end result and marvel at it, and wonder what the Gods saw in these mortals to bestow upon them the same blessings they kept from you and i….yet all it takes is work.

Work at your profession, work at your relationships, work at your passion…WORK! And it’s the kind of work that you have to put in until it hurts, and then you add a little more. And just when you feel you are at death’s door, you add everything else you have left. And because you have put in all that work, it will work!

So I will practice what I preach, stop writing and actually get back to WORK


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